Sep 5, 2009

Madrid, New Mexico

The Turquoise Trail cuts through the middle of Madrid, New Mexico a former mining town in the Ortiz Mountains inhabited by artists, hippies and bikers. Once a ghost town Madrid got a second lease on life in the 1970s when artists started to move in. Art galleries, shops and coffee houses as well as the locals now occupy what were once humble miners’ homes.

The vibe is crunchy eclectic with a bit of small town attitude - That’s a fancy camera lady. The rebellious along with the eccentric would feel at home here. Harley riders park their bikes outside the Mineshaft Tavern, a proper roadhouse. The front porch appears to function as the town square.

Dozens of art galleries feature a variety of art including Native American, photography, pottery and pop art depicting the Southwest. One store features hundreds of vintage cowboy boots and rodeo wear.

Not far from a street called Peaceful Way residents have fashioned former railroad cars into an abode. Part of the former coalmine is now a museum.

Madrid is a place to spend an afternoon or stop on the way for a few hours if you are driving the scenic Turquoise Trail from Albuquerque to New Mexico.


Catherine said...

looks a really funky place to stop off for a while...

Fly Girl said...

That's a really quirky town. It doesn't look like how I envision New Mexico to look.

Wendy said...

Catherine, You's enjoy it.

Fly Girl, It's a quirky place.

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