Jan 20, 2010

Street Scenes: Sukiyabashi Crossing

Tokyo is a city where pedestrian crosswalks are landmarks. It boasts the world’s busiest crosswalk in Shibuya.

Sukiyabashi crossing in upscale Ginza is its cousin. Lit up at night by the neon of the Fujiya building the well designed broad grid-like painted paths make crossing the street in one of the world’s most populated cities a breeze.


jen laceda said...

I miss Tokyo. I recently went to an Izakaya restaurant in Toronto. Yum. Took me back to Tokyo...in 1986!!

Fly Girl said...

Wow. It sounds like just crossing the street is an adventure in Tokyo.

Erica said...

Since I saw "Lost in Translation" I've wanted to cross Shibuya. Tokyo is certainly a special, futuristic city.

Wendy said...

Jen, I could live in Tokyo. Love it there.

Fly Girl, Crossing the street in Tokyo is like an adventure in good design.

Erica, Love that movie.

Monna said...

Great photo, Wendy. I am so much looking forward to visiting Japan next year. There's so much to love in Japanese culture... thanks for the preview!