Jan 14, 2010

Tsukiji Market Tokyo

Jet lagged in Tokyo? Take advantage of your sleepless state and head to Tsukiji Fish Market. While the market is open all day most of the action takes place before sunrise. Get there early too see the tuna auction, where the massive fish are lined up row after row. It usually wraps up by 6 a.m.

It’s easy to spend a few hours at Tsukiji one of the world’s largest fish markets. It has approximately 1,500+ stalls. Countless seas creatures are on display. Keep your wits about you and wear non-slip shoes to avoid face planting on the wet floor. While Tsukiji is a major tourist attraction it is first and foremost a bustling busy market. Keep an eye out for motorized carts barreling around at high speed.

If you are hungry after wandering tuck in at one of the sushi restaurants located adjacent to the Central Market in the External Market. It will be the freshest sushi you will ever eat. The External Market occupies a few short alleys where handicrafts, souvenirs and more practical items such as fisherman’s boots are sold.

To get to Tsukiji take the Toei Oedo line to Tsukiji-Shijo. The market is closed on Sundays and the second and fourth Wednesday of each month.


Fly Girl said...

Was there an overwhelming fishy smell? That and sqirming sea creatures would probably keep me hanging at the entrance of this market.

Monna said...

Japan is the Asian country I am most excited to visit. We'll visit Vietnam in April and then Japan is next. Your pictures are, as always, gorgeous, Wendy.

Wendy said...

Fly Girl, There wasn't an overwhelming smell as this fish is so fresh.

Monna, Thank you. You live in an incredible part of the world and in a fantastic travel hub for Asia. I'm envious. Look forward to reading about your travels.

Nomadic Matt said...

The tokyo fish market is one of the coolest things to visit in the entire world.

and the fish is yummy too!