Jun 26, 2010

Rickshaws From Around The World

Rickshaws are a quick, inexpensive way to get around some of the world’s cities. 
India has a few varieties. Cycle rickshaws are a good way to navigate the narrow lanes of Old Delhi.
But the yellow and green auto rickshaws are more suitable for New Delhi and for longer distances.
A rickshaw or tuk tuk ride up this steep hill in San Pedro La Laguna on Lake Atitlan in Guatemala would be welcomed.
Cycle rickshaws like this one parked in a Hutong in Beijing are pretty much used for tourists these days.
 In Kathmandu, Nepal cycle rickshaws like this one in Durbar Square are art on wheels.

Have you ever ridden in a rickshaw and if so where?


Kristina said...

great selection!
i think when you travel in asia you do not go home without ever riding a tuk tuk :) so much fun. and they always look a bit different from country to country. have ridden one in thailand, vietnam, cambodia and laos!
viele grĂ¼sse, kristina

Nisha said...

Yes, being an Indian I have used all of them and some more. There are rickshaws in Kolkata city in east India which are still pulled by running man.

Also, in Malacca (Malaysia) there are very diff kind of rickshaws. see these links on my site.


Lakshmi said...

Throughour my childhood, Ive travelled in rickshaws. And after years, i took one of them in old delhi

Fly Girl said...

We have a cycle rickshaw here in Oak Park but it's just not the same as the colorful ones used for real transport in Asia.

Wendy said...

Kristina, Looks like you put in a lot of miles/kilometers in rickshaws.

Nisha, will take a look.

Lakshmi, I hope you enjoyed the ride.

Fly Girl, They started tourist rickshaws in NY and the cab drivers were not happy.