Jun 19, 2010

Street Scenes: Dr. Simi Mexico City

While he isn’t exactly the picture of health you will see Dr. Simi throughout Mexico. The pudgy mascot dances outside the pharmacy chain he represents Farmacias Similares, which dispenses generic drugs at lower costs. Walk in medical clinics are attached to the pharmacies.

In this photo Dr. Simi is sporting a football shirt in support of Mexico’s participation in the World Cup. Are you following the World Cup and if so which team are you rooting for?


Kristina said...

for sure i am following the world cup and i am cheering for germany, my homecountry!! and for sure for switzerland, as i live there at the moment. have a nice week, viele grĂ¼sse, kristina

Lakshmi said...

not been following the world cup, but this Dr Simi is an interestg character

Fly Girl said...

A piggy for a health agency mascot! That's funny. I'm rooting for Brazil in the World Cup. I'm putting on my shirt now!

Wendy said...

Kristina, Thanks and hope you have a nice weekend.

Lakshmi, Dr. Simi is indeed a character.

Fly Girl, Brazil is a good bet no doubt. Will be watching USA today.