Jul 29, 2010

Herbal Remedies Tepoztlan Mexico

There is an abundance of herbal remedies in the market in Tepoztlan, Mexico, a popular place of respite on the weekends for many Mexico City residents. It is a mystical village which lies at the foot of mountains on top of which an ancient pyramid temple sits.
The village, where undocumented UFO sightings have occurred, draws a new age crowd. There is no cell phone reception. It is known for its healers, therapeutic treatments and remedies. The herbal potions in the photograph above are (from left to right) to cleanse and purify homes, prevent one's hair from falling out and a remedy for colds and chills. No prescription needed.

Tepoztlan is only 45 miles south of Mexico City, an easy bus ride. It features plenty of cafes, a weekend craft market and a 16th century church and convent.


Fly Girl said...

I love it! I only use herbal remedies anyway but I'd love to sample Mexican versions.

Lakshmi said...

what an interesting place..i love herbal teas..and am thinking of getting some ayurveda too ..

Wendy said...

Fly Girl, I'm using herbal remedies more and more. I wish it was more common practice in the U.S. and that "traditional" doctors here were more open minded about them.

Lakshmi, I love herbal teas.