Oct 28, 2010

Asia Bound

I’m heading to Bangkok by way of Hong Kong tomorrow. I’ll be spending a day or two in Hong Kong on either side of a short trip- three full days- to Bangkok.

I used to travel to Hong Kong on business every year and haven’t been in almost four years. I’ve missed it. This will be my first trip to Bangkok.

As always I’ll have posts lined up while I’m away and plenty when I return.

Pictured above: Apartment block, Yaumatei, Hong Kong.


Kristina said...

Och, I am sooo jealous!
I am sure you will love Bangkok - at least I do very much!
Have a great time and safe travels, viele Gruesse, Kristina

Bronwyn said...

Happy travels - you're so lucky!

Catherine said...

have a great time - bangkok is a really fascinating city - we will have to swap travel tales on your return - I head off to oaxaca tomorrow for Day of the Dead..

Wendy said...

Kristina and Bronwyn--Thank you!

Catherine, Have a wonderful time in Oaxaca and will def swap tales!

Lakshmi said...

have a great trip and im sure to get nostalgic with your posts on Hong Kong...Planning India sometime ?

Andrew Gould said...

Wonderful opportunities in both places, Wendy, although I haven't been to either for a couple of decades or more. Must go back. (I wonder if I can dig up my old shot of a one eyed butcher in Kennedy Town, at the end of the tram line?)