Nov 2, 2010

Street Scenes: Morning Commute Jaipur

This group of elephants was spotted on their way to work early one morning on the two lane highway leading to Amber Fort Palace in Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan, India.

Their job is not an easy one. They carry groups of tourists up the steep paved mountain road that leads to the entrance of the fort. The elephants are limited to four trips to the top daily.

What is your morning commute like and what do you typically see on the way?


Andrew Gould said...

Well... that's certainly not what I used to see on my way to work back in Sydney when I still lived there! It was more like traffic jams. Wonderful shot!

Photo Cache said...

this is the best commute ever.

Lakshmi said... we say , this happens only in India :)

Wendy said...

Andrew and Photo Cache - Thank you.

Lakshmi, Which is one of many reasons why I love India.

Heather on her travels said...

Elephants are so captivating - so much nicer to see in the morning on the way to work rather than a stream of cars