Oct 28, 2010

Asia Bound

I’m heading to Bangkok by way of Hong Kong tomorrow. I’ll be spending a day or two in Hong Kong on either side of a short trip- three full days- to Bangkok.

I used to travel to Hong Kong on business every year and haven’t been in almost four years. I’ve missed it. This will be my first trip to Bangkok.

As always I’ll have posts lined up while I’m away and plenty when I return.

Pictured above: Apartment block, Yaumatei, Hong Kong.

Oct 23, 2010

Published Photographs: Tokyo Edition

Long after the sun goes down in Tokyo there is much to photograph. The city’s neon forests are amongst my favorite in the world. These photographs have appeared in magazines, advertisements, brochures and books.

Which cities of the world do you enjoy seeing at night as much as day?

Photographs: Top two (from left) Sukiyabashi crossing in Ginza and Shibuya. Bottom two: Shinjuku.

Oct 17, 2010

Mexico City’s Flyers

Just outside the National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City the Voladores (flyers) soar high above the ground with just a rope expertly entwined on one leg to keep them from plummeting to the ground.

The Voladores, Totonac Indians who come from the state of Veracruz, perform this ancient indigenous ceremony several times a day.

Four men, who represent the four corners of the earth, ascend a pole about 100 feet high one by one. A fifth plays a flute.

The pole represents the tie between the heavens, the earth and the underworld. After reaching the top the flyers slowly descend spinning around the pole until they reach the ground.

The ceremony takes place outside the museum in the afternoon. The Museum of Anthropology, one of the finest in the world, shouldn’t be missed if you make your way to Mexico City.

Oct 12, 2010

Outdoor Cafes From Around The World

Outdoor cafes offer the traveler a place to sit, have a beverage and people watch. After exploring a new place on foot for hours they are a welcome oasis.

Venice Beach California has outstanding weather most of the year and is prime people watching territory. You can observe street performers, malcontents and the very fit and not so modest put on a constant show from the comfort of one of its many outdoor venues.

Rome has an abundance of outdoor eateries like this one in Piazza Navona. It’s refreshing not to be rushed to pay your bill long after you have emptied a cup of coffee.

Along Beijing’s Houhai Lake trendy outdoor wateringholes offer a good way to rest your feet and recharge.

The best outdoor cafes are not always in big cities. This one in San Pedro, Guatemala offers million dollar views of Lake Atitlan.

What are some of your favorite outdoor cafes at home or abroad?