Jul 24, 2011

Chapel Hill’s Unofficial Town Hall

Small towns and villages all over the world have unofficial town halls if you look hard enough. They are where locals gather over food or drink to share news, gossip, joke and seek company amongst their neighbors. In the UK, you’ll often find them in pubs.

Sutton’s Drug Store, which has a small diner with counter and booths in the back, serves as Chapel Hill, North Carolina’s unofficial town hall. Located on Franklin Street, the University town’s main drag, Sutton’s was established in 1923 and keeps its vintage charm as well as patrons who have gathered there for decades every day, as did many of their parents.

The video above features a piece I put together as my project for UNC Chapel Hill’s annual multi media boot camp. I highly recommend it for those of you looking to expand into or dip your toes in multi media. I discovered Sutton's while wandering a day before the course started and when we were told to choose a Franklin Street business for our projects I knew it had to be Sutton's.

Many thanks to the good folks at Sutton’s who allowed us to film and interview them and for sharing their home away from home.

What serves as the unofficial town hall where you live or where have you observed them?

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