Jul 5, 2011

Mexico Bound

Every summer I tell myself I’ll stick close to home, take advantage of the warm weather in the Northeast, photograph my own city and take day trips and travel further afield in the fall. And every year I cave and end up taking a last minute trip somewhere.

About a week ago I booked a last minute trip to Mexico. Unlike my travels there in the last several years this trip will be spent on the Island of Cozumel sitting on a beach, something I haven’t done in years. A trip to the mainland is also a possibility to be played by ear. I’ll see how I feel this week. No pressure.

Do you have any last minute travel plans in the works?


Trotter said...

Enjoy your break!! I'll be waiting for you in Corsica... ;)

Photo Cache said...

that's not a bad idea. in fact that's a great idea.

A Thousand Clapping Hands said...

Have a great time. I'd give anything to be going to Mexico right now...just mentioned it today, in fact. (Actually, I think I mention it everyday!)
Happy travels,

Wendy said...

Trotter, Thanks for stopping by.

Photo Cache, Glad I did it.

Catherine, Must stop by to see what you posted.

Fly Girl said...

I'm just like you, I always plan to be home and enjoy the last part of summer and then wind up on a last minute trip. Well I've stuck to my guns this time after 3 back to back trips in June and July. I'm enjoying Summer in Chicago. I know you will love Cozumel, I hope you make it to the Paradise Cafe (Bob Marley Cafe) which is a favorite of mine.

Nisha India said...

Enjoy your holidays, its really good to be at home