Aug 21, 2014

UK Bound

I’m heading to the UK for a few weeks. Time will be spent mainly in North Wales and surrounds. This trip is both personal and professional. I’m a half Brit and will be attending a family wedding. I have a large extended family there and look forward to seeing everyone.

I’m also looking forward to photographing the beautiful countryside, villages and do a fair amount of castle hopping.

This image was taken on my last trip in the Spring of 2012. The aim was to capture patriotism with a humorous twist in the run up to the Summer Olympics. It was one of two days when it didn’t downpour without mercy non-stop, the bane of a travel photographer’s existence. Hoping for better weather this time. Photographs to follow when I return. 

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Anonymous said...

Just a day ago, we had a minor debate over a traditonal shawl design used in a shoe. In India, people won't tolerate National Symbols in undies too hehe.

I like how liberal countries don't care about it.

Regards from Nagaland