Sep 19, 2014

World's End

World’s End looks like the end of the world but not in the apocalyptic sense.

A remote valley located between Llangollen and Wrexham in North Wales it is one of my favorite spots on earth – no people or buildings, stunning vistas and the cleanest air I’ve ever inhaled. A single lane road winds through and up and down the mountains where the light seems to change with the wind, illuminating layers of heather covering the hills.  The only sounds are those made by sheep, which for some reason sounded like men trying to imitate sheep. 

I’ve visited World’s End many times throughout the years since childhood, thanks to having a mother who was born in North Wales and a large extended who remains there. It’s a family ritual, perhaps our Celtic Mecca, and one of the few places on earth that instantly clears my mind and soothes the soul. In the two weeks I recently spent in North Wales we drove through no less than three times, thanks to patient cousins who helped me chase the light.

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