Nov 4, 2009

Strange Souvenirs: Barbed Wire DMZ Korea

A limited edition complete with serial number you won’t see one of these on any infomercial. But for about $15 you can pick one up at one of the world’s most dangerous borders, now a tourist attraction replete with souvenirs.

Among the standard pens, key chains and tee shirts are framed pieces of barbed wire from the demilitarized zone, or DMZ, the no man’s land separating North and South Korea. A commemorative souvenir it was issued in recognition of the 50-year anniversary of the Korean War. It reminds me of the pieces of the Berlin Wall that are sought out as souvenirs. Perhaps one day the barbed wire that separates North and South Korea will also come down and a country reunited.

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Nisha said...

Just wondering....
Are they genuine ? How many pieces do they have ?

Anonymous said...

God made men, men made boundaries.

ana said...

Thats really a strange souvenir. Hopefully I will go to South Korea soon on a visit... very curious about visiting the country

kristine said...

Ha. Thats kind of cool. Or sad. Or strange. I cant decide.

Wendy said...

Nisha, they are real. Don´t know how many but it must be thousands.

Hobo, very true.

Ana, hope you go. I loved Seoul and would like to see more of the country.

Kristine, my thoughts exactly.

jen laceda said...

Which side is selling it? North or South? :)

Anonymous said...

Ha ha... Quick way to make money!
Whose idea was that?!

I love kimchi! Did you try any?

Heather on her travels said...

I didn't bother with one of those chunks of the Berlin wall complete with a bit of graffiti, and I suspect that I'll give the barbed wire a miss too - wonder if they're already reproducing these with new wire they rust specially.

I will but souvenirs that show beautiful craftmanship and colour and that remind me of the place and occasion I bought them

Anonymous said...

Its real I served there and have one.