Sep 29, 2009

Asia Bound

I’m heading to Tokyo and Seoul today for a few weeks. It will be my first trip to Seoul and a day will also be spent in the DMZ. Both of these cities are prime for night photography so I’ll be on the go from early morning until well after the sun sets.

For once the long haul flight will not be dreaded. I’ll be riding at the front of the plane thanks to frequent flier miles put to good use. As always there are posts lined up while I’m away and there will be plenty to follow when I return. If any of my readers have been to Seoul and have suggestions for good eats and off the beaten path places to see your suggestions would be appreciated.

Photograph: Wooden Blocks with Prayers Meiji Shrine, Tokyo.

Sep 26, 2009

Retro Motel Signs Route 66

I can’t say I would be tempted to stay in some of the motels located along Route 66 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. A few are houses of ill repute and the illegal drug trade while others have been shut down for these reasons.

But the kitschy Americana signs of a bygone era are art of the Atomic Age. They represent the great American road trip for which Route 66 is the icon. The famed highway, which runs from Chicago to Los Angeles, was the main artery for travel by car before freeways and interstates superseded it during the second half of last century.

I love how the services offered remain retro--color cable TV, for example. Do they even make black and white televisions anymore? There were no signs for free wifi.

It was a well spent afternoon in the blazing August heat photographing them.

Many of the motels are being torn down although there is a movement to restore and preserve some to their former glory.

Sep 20, 2009

USA's Oldest Cattle Ranch

The USA’s oldest cattle ranch isn’t where you might expect. In fact it’s just a train ride from New York City in a hamlet where surfers flock and fisherman have worked the Atlantic Ocean for generations.

Established in 1658 Deep Hollow Ranch is located in Montauk the eastern most tip of Long Island. Today it is still a working ranch and open to the public.

Sep 14, 2009

Montauk Bound

I’m heading to Montauk for the rest of the week. Located at the very east end of Long Island past the Hamptons it is a laid-back beach town.

Looking forward to spending time with my husband, squeezing what is left out of the warmish weather before winter kicks in, eating tall stacks of pancakes at the local diner, reading and sleeping. The camera of course will be coming as well.

Sep 9, 2009

Boats From Around The World

Boats are not only a convenient way to get around when traveling but can also provide a great way to take in the surrounding scenery.

Sometimes the vessels are floating art like these Moroccan blue fishing boats in Essaouira’s Harbor.

In Dubai abras or water taxis are used by commuters to cross Dubai Creek and are an inexpensive and scenic way for travelers to get around as well.

Nothing punctuates Hong Kong’s skyline like a Chinese junk floating in Victoria Harbour.

In New York City the free of charge Staten Island Ferry provides some of the best views of lower Manhattan.

Where do you prefer to take a boat ride?

Sep 5, 2009

Madrid, New Mexico

The Turquoise Trail cuts through the middle of Madrid, New Mexico a former mining town in the Ortiz Mountains inhabited by artists, hippies and bikers. Once a ghost town Madrid got a second lease on life in the 1970s when artists started to move in. Art galleries, shops and coffee houses as well as the locals now occupy what were once humble miners’ homes.

The vibe is crunchy eclectic with a bit of small town attitude - That’s a fancy camera lady. The rebellious along with the eccentric would feel at home here. Harley riders park their bikes outside the Mineshaft Tavern, a proper roadhouse. The front porch appears to function as the town square.

Dozens of art galleries feature a variety of art including Native American, photography, pottery and pop art depicting the Southwest. One store features hundreds of vintage cowboy boots and rodeo wear.

Not far from a street called Peaceful Way residents have fashioned former railroad cars into an abode. Part of the former coalmine is now a museum.

Madrid is a place to spend an afternoon or stop on the way for a few hours if you are driving the scenic Turquoise Trail from Albuquerque to New Mexico.